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Vatican Group Association has been instrumental in empowering disadvantaged children (young people with disabilities in ECHIOCK, those who were relocated to ECHIOCK due to the NOSO crisis and other vulnerable children in ECHIOCK) in the ECHIOCK Village (Village of Santchou District, Menoua Department, Western Region, Cameroon, Central Africa). Through our efforts, these children have received crucial support and resources that have helped them overcome challenges and build brighter futures. The Vatican Group Association played a significant role during the annual ÉCHIFOOT Festival by aligning our initiatives with the event and ensuring maximum participation and support from the community. ECHIOCK Village faces various challenges, particularly in education and the welfare of vulnerable children. The organization recognized the potential in these children and worked closely with local partners and community leaders to provide educational support, healthcare services, mentorship programs, and essential resources. During the festival, the Association organized workshops focusing on life skills and provided scholarships and educational opportunities to deserving children. we also distributed school supplies, clothing, and meals to support the children during the festival. Overall, the Vatican Group Association’s contributions have had a commendable impact by not only empowering vulnerable children but also creating positive change in the entire community’s well being and future. The videos and photos above/below bear witness to this.

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General assembly of SITEU village 2023 IN SITEU, FONDONERA

SITEU Village in FONDONERA, Santchou District, Cameroon recently held their General Assembly in their chiefdom. The assembly brought together members of Vatican Group Association (VGA), SITEU Village chief, the notables, elites, community leaders, and stakeholders to discuss initiatives and contribute to the development of this village. During the assembly, VGA made a generous donation to the chiefdom of Siteu, including a flag, a mast, and various other items that will contribute to the community’s growth. The donation represents unity, pride, and the community’s identity. In addition to the flag and mast, VGA donated educational materials, books, technological devices, and medical supplies to enhance the well-being and development of the community. The chiefdom expressed gratitude for the donation. The event also facilitated fruitful discussions between VGA and the chiefdom about future collaboration opportunities, focusing on education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and sustainable economic growth. The VGA aims to inspire and empower communities globally, exemplifying their dedication to making a difference and fostering sustainable development. The event underscores the power of collaboration and emphasizes the positive impact that can arise when organizations and communities unite for the greater good. VGA’s donation will contribute to the well-being and growth of the chiefdom of Siteu, providing hope and opportunities for years to come. The videos and photos above/below bear witness to this.

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Drinking water tap offered to the MELIA Community in Cameroon in 2023

Vatican Group Association (VGA) is a humanitarian, charitable, and non-profit organization focused on making a positive impact on communities globally. Our latest project in Cameroon, Central Africa, aims to provide sustainable water solutions to communities in need. Access to clean and safe drinking water is a basic right that many communities lack, and VGA is dedicated to addressing this pressing issue. VGA collaborates with local and international organizations to identify communities lacking clean water and develop sustainable solutions. Recently, we donated a drinking water tap to the MELIA Community in Cameroon, where women and children had to travel long distances to access contaminated water sources. VGA conducted thorough research and implemented filtration systems to ensure a sustainable solution. The inauguration ceremony for the water tap was met with gratitude and praise from the community. VGA recognizes that providing clean water is just the first step and is committed to creating awareness about proper hygiene practices and water conservation. We will continue to monitor and maintain the water tap, addressing any future challenges. VGA expresses gratitude to donors and supporters for their contributions and emphasizes our commitment to providing sustainable water solutions globally. We invite others to join our journey towards a better future and bring hope and change to those in need. The videos and photos above/below bear witness to this.

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