Vatican Group Association (VGA)

Vatican Group Association (VGA)

Uniting Humanity, Inspiring Change

Vatican Group Association (VGA) created in 2019 by M. NESTOR NKENFACKis a Humanitarian, charitable, and non-profit organization based in Cameroon and approved by the Cameroonian government ( registered on January 26, 2024 under the number: Nº 010 /RDA/F.34/SAAJP.- ), which focuses on issues of poverty, health, education, water and social action in rural areas of Cameroon, Africa and other countries. VGA provides moral, educational, health, financial, and material assistance to people in need and/or suffering.


If charity is milk then devotion is the cream

Vatican Group Association (VGA) is a Humanitarian, charitable, and non-profit organization whose aim is to act in all circumstances and in all places in favor of socially vulnerable people.

Vatican Group Association (VGA) activities are: Supporting orphans, people with disabilities and street children by providing them with food, clothing, education and shelter. Promote human rights by developing community management and civic responsibilities. Develop food security and implement modern agricultural methods. Provide the population with basic education in health, family planning, immunization and vaccination, health infrastructure, as well as sex education. VGA has a great mission which, thanks to your kindness and the will of God, will come true.

Here, 92% of our funds are allocated to our actions in the field and 8% to our organizational and fundraising expenses.

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$1,000 Raised so far $255,000 Our Goal

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  1. MTN MOMO:  678 323 731   (NESTOR NKENFACK)
  2. ORANGE MOMO:  693 025 942   (NESTOR NKENFACK)


  1. BTC WALLET ADDRESS:  16h1V4WBmT633vCfSJpqxdwUjmi5CCo2fs
  2. ETH WALLET ADDRESS:  0x531368c7781Fa776Fed1F9936796852fA88CCB8F


  1. Write a check payable to "Vatican Group Association"
  2. On the memo line of the check, indicate that the donation is for "Vatican Group Association"
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Vatican Group Association
Place des fetes, Dschang
Ouest, 00237, Cameroon


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Vatican Group Association (VGA), legal and authorized promoter of global charities

Vatican Group Association (VGA) is a real, legal and authorized organization under the number: Nº 010 /RDA/F.34/SAAJP.- Through which you can contribute to helping the poor. What the founding president is offering already helps many people, but with your help, donations and support, we can help so much more. join us to save lives. No matter how small it is, it will help. Please feel free to make donations of any kind, regardless of the amount. May the Almighty Lord bless you and fill your pockets for your generosity and good heart.

Warning: An employee or third party should never contact you to directly request donations. Donations made to the Vatican Group Association are entirely voluntary and are paid directly to the organization via the channels indicated on the “MAKE A DONATION” page. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.



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Vatican Group Association areas of intervention

Uncover the Vatican Group Association's wide-ranging areas of intervention, dedicated to promoting social welfare and advancing humanitarian causes globally. At the Vatican Group Association (VGA), 92% of donations received from sponsors, partners, philanthropists, fundraising, and the founding president (main sponsor) are allocated to our actions in the field; And 8% to our organizational and fundraising expenses.


Support children by taking care of their schooling, their monitoring, their academic support and much more.


Provide orphans, street children and others with food, clothing, shelter, and more


VGA works to provide access to clean water and sanitation in rural areas.


Participation in basic health education and the provision of medical equipment to rural areas.


Distribution of agricultural equipment and implementation of modern agricultural methods
Non-Profit Vatican Group Association

The Impact of Vatican Group Association

The tireless efforts of the Vatican Group Association are significantly transforming the lives of many people. Thanks to our educational initiatives, thousands of children have access to quality education, breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come. Additionally, the organization’s health services improve the well-being of countless people, particularly in remote and marginalized communities. Access to essential medical care and health education leads to a reduction in preventable diseases and an overall improvement in quality of life. In addition, the community development projects carried out by the Vatican Group Association enable communities to take charge of their own development. By providing the necessary infrastructure and support, VGA helps create an enabling environment for sustainable growth and improved livelihoods.


Witness the life-changing outcomes achieved by our Association's compassionate support, as shared through the authentic testimonials of those we have helped.

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Discover the impactful news and events happening at our charity Association. Our objectives are the promotion of humanism; the promotion and defense of human rights; the fight against poverty and the exclusion of people in vulnerable situations.

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