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Anonymous support for those in need
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Anonymous support for those in need

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  1. MTN MOMO:  678 323 731   (NESTOR NKENFACK)
  2. ORANGE MOMO:  693 025 942   (NESTOR NKENFACK)


  1. BTC WALLET ADDRESS:  16h1V4WBmT633vCfSJpqxdwUjmi5CCo2fs
  2. ETH WALLET ADDRESS:  0x531368c7781Fa776Fed1F9936796852fA88CCB8F


  1. Write a check payable to "Vatican Group Association"
  2. On the memo line of the check, indicate that the donation is for "Vatican Group Association"
  3. Mail your check to:

Vatican Group Association
Place des fetes, Dschang
Ouest, 00237, Cameroon


  1. If you wish to: organize fundraisers events to support us, donate in kind,
  2. Or for other payment methods, please CONTACT US , or VISIT US

Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!


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Anonymous support for those in need

In today’s world, where there are numerous problems faced by socially vulnerable populations, it is essential to extend a helping hand to those in need. At Vatican Group Association, we believe in the power of Anonymous support for those in need, where individuals can make a difference without seeking recognition or praise. Through our humanitarian, charitable, and non-profit organization, we strive to create a world where no one is left behind, and everyone has access to the support they need.

Non-profit organization for social welfare

Vatican Group Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to social welfare. Our primary goal is to provide assistance to socially vulnerable individuals and communities, ensuring their basic needs are met and they can lead a dignified life. Through our vast network of volunteers and donors, we strive to make a lasting impact in areas such as education, healthcare, housing, and emergency relief.

Our non-profit status allows us to allocate resources and donations to directly benefit those in need, without any commercial interests. Transparency and accountability are at the core of our organization, as we believe in responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.

Humanitarian efforts for the socially vulnerable

The socially vulnerable populations often face numerous challenges that can be incredibly challenging to overcome. At Vatican Group Association, we recognize their struggles and are committed to providing humanitarian aid to alleviate their suffering. Our efforts include:

1. Food and Nutrition Programs

We organize and support various food and nutrition programs to ensure that individuals and families facing food insecurity have access to nutritious meals. These programs include food banks, soup kitchens, and community gardens. By addressing the immediate need for sustenance, we aim to empower individuals and families to work towards long-term solutions.

2. Education and Skill Development

Education is a powerful tool that can break the cycle of poverty. We believe in providing quality education and skill development opportunities to socially vulnerable individuals, enabling them to develop the necessary skills to secure better employment and a brighter future. Our educational initiatives include scholarships, vocational training, and mentorship programs.

3. Healthcare Services

Access to healthcare is crucial for everyone’s well-being. Unfortunately, many socially vulnerable individuals lack the resources to receive adequate medical care. At Vatican Group Association, we work to bridge this gap by providing healthcare services, organizing medical camps, and supporting healthcare facilities in underserved areas. Our aim is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, has access to essential healthcare services.

4. Shelter and Housing

Every individual deserves a safe and secure place to call home. We collaborate with local communities and organizations to provide shelter and housing options for socially vulnerable individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our efforts aim to address the root causes of homelessness and provide long-term solutions that promote stability and self-sufficiency.

These are just a few examples of the numerous ways Vatican Group Association works towards uplifting socially vulnerable populations. The scope of our humanitarian efforts is vast, and we continuously adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve. By working together, we can create a more compassionate and inclusive society, where no one is left behind. Anonymously make a donation to support those in need.

What are Anonymous Donations?

Anonymous donations refer to financial contributions made to a charitable organization without revealing the identity of the donor. These donations are typically given out of goodwill and are motivated by a desire to support a cause without seeking recognition or personal gain. Anonymous giving allows individuals to contribute to a charity’s mission while maintaining privacy and discretion.

Reasons for Giving Anonymously

There are several reasons why individuals choose to give anonymously to charitable organizations like the Vatican Group Association. Let’s explore some of these motivations:

1. Humility and Modesty

Some individuals prefer to keep their charitable acts private out of humility and a desire to avoid drawing attention to themselves. The act of giving anonymously allows them to focus solely on helping others without being concerned about personal recognition or accolades.

2. Philanthropic Purposes

For many donors, the primary purpose of giving anonymously is to ensure that their gift is solely focused on the cause they wish to support. By removing personal recognition, anonymous donors can ensure that their contribution is solely intended to benefit the charitable organization and its mission, rather than being influenced by personal factors.

3. Desire for Impact

Anonymous donors often prioritize the impact of their donation over personal recognition. Giving anonymously allows them to contribute without taking credit for their actions, ensuring that the focus remains solely on the charity and the positive change it can bring about.

4. Privacy and Security

Protecting personal privacy and security is another significant reason why individuals choose to give anonymously. By not disclosing personal information, anonymous donors can safeguard themselves from unsolicited requests, potential scams, or any unwanted attention that may arise from publicizing their contributions.

Anonymous donations play a vital role in supporting charitable organizations like the Vatican Group Association. These selfless acts of giving enable charities to continue their mission, contribute to the well-being of communities, and provide assistance to those in need. Whether you choose to give anonymously out of humility, philanthropic purposes, or a desire for impact, know that your contribution is valued and will make a difference. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have chosen to support us anonymously, allowing us to bring hope and positive change to many lives.

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Vatican Group Association (VGA) is a humanitarian, charitable, and non-profit organization that focuses on issues of poverty, health, education, water, and social action in rural areas of Cameroon, Africa, and other countries. VGA provides moral, educational, health, financial, and material assistance to people in need and/or suffering.

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