Vatican Group Association (VGA)


ECHIOCK Stadium Santchou

  ECHIFOOT FESTIVAL 2nd edition Welcome to the second edition of the ECHIFOOT FESTIVAL! This year, the festival promises to be even bigger and better, bringing together the realms of art, culture, sports, and philanthropy. Mark your calendars for the exciting event organized by FRANKLIN EWOUKAP and IDRISS KAMBE, and sponsored by Vatican Group Association […]

“NKA” Youth Congress 2024

NKA Public School West

  Welcome to the “NKA” sector Grand Celebration (2024 NKA sector Youths Congress): Enriching Experiences and Unforgettable Memories Await Every two year, the “NKA” Youth Congress transforms into a bustling hub of excitement, and 2024 is no exception. From August 6 to 17, the 14th “NKA” Youth Congress will bring the “NKA” sector of FONDONERA […]

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